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War Memorial


Honouring the primary purpose of the existing building there is a dedicated space for the  existing WWII memorial front and centre in a prominent location visible 24/7 from SH1. It will provide appropriate space for reflection and dressing for memorial occasions.  This area will flow into a redeveloped memorial garden which will likely include the relocation of the existing cenotaph and a proposed wall of honour capturing all ~3200 of those from the whole Clutha District that have served.




This space has been created with multipurpose in mind from a cultural, community, theatrical, and business standpoint, and to meet the requirements of existing user groups. With a 478 person retractable seating system, flat floor resilient stage, modern theatre technology and end to end lighting/grid system this space not only caters for existing theatre productions, shearing, small bore, and indoor bowls it also supports conferences, business seminars, live bands, community fundraisers, fashion shows and is being designed to meet the requirements of NZs leading regional programmes such as the Royal New Zealand Ballet. Additional seating can be set up to support other large gatherings the current facility has been used for. A theatre consultant and acoustic engineers have been engaged to ensure both specialist requirements are met as well as the practical needs of wider community engagement. 


The back of house facilities include changing rooms and amenities plus the flexible use of meeting rooms and community spaces that have been designed to close off for larger scale productions. A large meeting room upstairs doubles as the technical area for theatre productions. 

Visitor / Public 


Walking through the corten steel entrance protecting the facility from the elements you are welcomed by an open atrium that provides a relaxed environment for visitors, residents and businesses to catch up with friends, check the route to the next destination or wait for an event. It is centred around the metaphor of the river, linking the different areas within, the space itself enabling connections.  

Providing a modern visitor experience is an integral part of the facility. The  district’s  i-SITE and Clutha District Council Service Centre are located in the main atrium space. 


This area will be a platform to showcase the district's heritage, ngā kōrero tuku iho, culture and arts in a variety of methods from popup displays and exhibitions, cinema capability,  to leading AR and AI driven technology. It will be the central place to drive interest into visiting all communities within our fantastic district. 


Accessing the second floor via the central staircase or lift you enter into another space containing a viewing gallery, offering views of both the bridge and the mighty Clutha River|Mata-au itself. The staircase alone providing seating, zoned audio and a large screen which can be utilised for a number of purposes. 


WiFi and charging facilities will be available throughout.



A core objective of this new facility was maintaining accessibility and affordability to the community groups and locals users.


We are excited to deliver a range of multi use spaces within the facility, including tenancy spaces, meeting rooms and public spaces that have the flexibility to provide community groups, services and agencies with opportunities to meet or deliver their services from regularly or on a as needs basis. These spaces  are accessible, bookable, child-friendly, and promote more collaborative ways of working to provide better outcomes for the district's residents.


A fully fitted, commercial grade kitchen has been included as a separate area for rental by community for fundraising events, commercial cooking or delivering catering to any area of the facility. 


An eclectic mix of coworking spaces featuring hotdesks, permanent workspaces/booths and small office spaces for 2/4 people with fibre backed facilities. Stunning kitchen facilities cater for both the tenants and users, as a central networking  space and provide an impressive service space for canape evenings, launches and after hours business events into the larger circulation space overlooking the river. 


There are  5 various sized tenantable commercial or office spaces within the facility, with the one on the ground floor being shown as a possible eatery space for potential use. There will also be multiple meeting rooms of varying sizes scattered throughout the facility available for both community and business use via an online booking system providing a neutral space for all engagements.


The Trust are also working with additional partners to allow programmes currently not available in the district to be executed here once the facility is operational.



The landscaping plans are being finalised but we will likely include better car parking facilities, bus access, Clutha District war memorial garden, new links to the river, bridge and cycling and walking tracks, it also will tie into the recent Clyde street scaping enhancements.